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Work-Life Balance- Less stress, more effectiveness at work and a better quality of life

'The key to life is balance...'

Constantly increasing demands and an ever greater pressure, combined with sedentary office work can limit our mental performance and cause physical and psychological problems such as back pain, weight gain, headache, fatigue, lack of concentration and creativity, high blood pressure, insomnia and burnout.

Business Yoga and Inner Balance are two ideal anti-stress programmes which will help to relax the mind, refresh the body, and regain a healthy work-life balance.

Our offer includes:
Business Yoga – the active way of relaxation
Inner Balance – the tranquil way of relaxation
Seminars on time management, stress management and burnout prevention

Escape from the hectic pace of modern life and enjoy a Business Yoga or Inner Balance session. Take these wonderful opportunities to relax, refresh and re-charge your batteries and find a new inner balance. Some things in life have to be tried in order to be fully appreciated.