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Types of courses

Our teaching methods go way beyond the book: We provide tailor-made additional teaching material for all learner types (e.g. visual aids, audio CDs, interactive crosswords, special interest topics) and organize unforgettable cross-cultural events.


In-Group Courses

One of the advantages of in-group training (especially on higher levels) is the interaction in group activities. The most effective and natural learning takes place when you are engaged in interesting, challenging activities and forget that you are actually in a lesson.



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One-to-One Training for Beginners or Special Purposes

Since every customer is unique, one-to-one trainings are especially effective, particularly for beginners and special purpose trainings (e.g. preparation for job interviews or foreign assignments).
Working with beginners on a one-to-one level enables us

  • to incorporate previous experience (e.g. knowledge of other foreign languages)
  • to initially address the learner's preferred senses (multi-coloured cards and charts for predominantly visual learners, tailor-made CDs for auditory learners, etc.)
  • to gradually start integrating the other, previously less frequently used senses into the learning process
  • to include the customer's special interests and prepare tailor-made teaching material on those subjects
  • to make the fastest progression possible


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Excursions – Cross-Cultural Experiences

In preparation of our study trips to London, for example,

  • the group listens to, reads and acts Agatha Christie's play "The Mousetrap" in class
  • each participant is responsible for gathering information about self-chosen sights in London.

Having arrived in London, the participants act as tour guides for their chosen sights. One of the highlights of this trip is watching "The Mousetrap", the longest running play in the world, in the famous St. Martin's Theatre.




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Tell me and I'll forget. Show me and I may remember. Let me experience it and I'll understand.